Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to Save Money at Disneyland

Through all the blogs, and everything else I have read regarding Disneyland I hear how expensive it is to eat.  People have suggested to take in your own food or snacks.  I decided to get online and see if I could find menus and and see how expensive it really was.  Here is one site I have been to I really like.  It seems updated and easy to navigate.

First of all I don't know about you but my stomach does not hold that much.  If I get a large meal from Wendy's there is no way I can even make it through half. I force myself because who wants to waste money!!  I usually get a kids meal because it is just enough for me.  I was very surprised that Disneyland has children's meals and you don't have to be a child to get one!  The children's meals are much less money than a regular size meal.  See you are saving money already!

Another thing I hear is that souvenirs are expensive and so people have suggested going to target to get souvenirs that are cheaper. I am sorry but one of the fun things about going to Disneyland is getting the Disneyland bag that helps me remember my trip.  I had a client who taught me about getting gift cards.  He was taking his 7 year old daughter Laura to Disneyland for her first time.  She was doing extra chores and saving as much money as she could for her trip.  Her dad told me he was worried about her wanting everything once they got there and so he gave her a budget to work with.  He gave her Disney Dollars as her budget to spend at the park.  She was excited because to her she had more money.She was told of her limitations before they went like meals.  But souvenirs and extra foods was all on her. She was very cautious with her money in the souvenirs she bought and food she had through out the day. At the end guess what?  She still had money left over. She asked her Dad as they were leaving the park if they could go to McDonald's. My friend said he began to roll his eyes wondering if she had learned anything and then she said, "My treat."  She still had her hard earned money she brought with her and had not touched and wanted to take her Mom and Dad out to McDonald's for dinner. He said he learned alot from his daughter about budgeting that night and so did I.

Because I am doing Disneyland on a budget I am getting myself Disney gift cards.  That way I have a budget for food and souvenirs.  Now I know what you are thinking....what if you don't use all the gift cards?  From now until November if I but a $25 gift card I will have $200 to spend in the park.  I decided if I have anything left on my gift cards as I leave the park I will find a family to give the left overs too or offer it to the people behind me in line.  I have done this before with left over's on a gift card.  Makes me feel good and the recipients are thrilled to get that extra surprise.

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