Saturday, July 16, 2016

Disneyland Here We Come!!

I know it is sad I have not updated this in over a year.  There is a reason.  I had a small stroke in November but have been in Rehab/Nursing homes since then. Gaining the strength I need to learn to walk again has been rough.  But now that we are four months away from Disneyland, it is time to get planning.  I will admit one of the fun part of planning a trip to Disneyland is all the planning and fun things to do.  I will be updating the blog so you can see what is in the works for Disneyland.

First. Do you have your reservations made? 

I went through Costco travel. We found a deal for about $450 a person for three days in the park and two nights in a hotel.  We are going to stay at another hotel on Wednesday and Saturday night because to add to our package was adding as much as our original package.  Also I hear many good things about But you do want to make reservations if you are planning on going.

Coming up will be Goody Bags, ideas for saving on expenses at Disneyland, and maybe even some special surprises.

I will be better at updating this blog so stay tuned!!

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