Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to Save Power on Your Electronics at Disneyland.

Since many of us live off our phones everyday, imagine going to take a picture with Mickey and your phone dies.  Eeek!!  What do you do?

Something you should know is that Disneyland does not have any free WiFi access.  Why is this important?  It may not be for you but I am glad I looked into it for me.  My phone runs off the internet, and if there is no WiFi it looks for the nearest cell tower to get phone calls and text messages.  So that means I can only get phone calls and text messages at Disneyland not on the internet.  Everything else will have to wait until I get to the hotel with Wifi.

But still I want my phone charged and in the best possible shape on its trip to Disneyland.  I found this helpful list of things to do.  I picked out a few things, at the bottom is the link to the complete list.

  • If more than one person in your party has a cellphone, only use one phone at a time. Power off the others. When the first one runs down, move to the next phone.
  • Make sure your phone and all of your apps are updated before your trip.
  • Clean off all pictures, videos and music that you don’t need. This will make room for all the pictures you will be taking.
There are charging stations I understand at the front of the park.  Also the scooters people rent have USB ports to charge them on.  And I will let it out of the bag, for all who come and get a Goody Bag, there will be a freshly charged portable charger for you and you get to keep it!!

Here is the entire blog on ways to save energy with cell phones.

I am going to bring my camera because it takes better pictures than my phone and I can get a brand new SIM card for it and hold lots of pictures for the even.

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